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    California Inspired Legging


    Nani Lani was created in Southern California, and designed to bring something new to the athleisure world. Our handpicked prints are sure to make you stand out in a very plain industry. Our clothing is for the modern free-spirited, easy going, boho girl.

    Our form-fitting leggings are perfect for wherever your day takes you. Because of our quick drying and compression fabric, you can go to the gym, studio, or just running around your city feeling comfortable and stylish as well. We love each pair we design and think you will too.

    We decided to start Nani Lani after noticing there was something missing in all of the current leggings. Most of the leggings today are either too plain or too crazy and not flattering for the everyday wear. This is where Nani Lani was born, creating stylish fun prints that are great for the studio to street. Our Founders brought their beachy boho, easy going vibe to each print that they handpicked. Creating the perfect mix of style and comfortability for you.


    Sunset California Legging


    Nani Lani is more than just a clothing company to us, it’s our way of always remembering one of the founder’s mom who passed away due to cancer in 2014. We chose to name the company after her nickname from her grandkids and a name we always keep in our hearts. The prints we pick embodied her free-spirited and fun energy she brought to every aspect of her life. We Hope you enjoy our leggings as much as we do!